I would love to give back with my blog A Mother’s Joy so 20% of the profits from my incomes will be donated to The Valdete Trust.

Not heard of TVT?

The Valdete Trust takes its name from a young Albanian woman, Valdete Gjonpalaj whose plight and courage inspired the people of the Isle of Arran in Scotland to raise the money necessary to bring her to Britain for medical treatment.

But Valdete is the exception.  In Albania, hundreds if not thousands of young people with degenerative diseases or physical disabilities remain trapped in their homes, or in institutions, without adequate medical or social support.

Inspired by her example The Valdete Trust was formed in 2010 and is officially recognized as a Charity ( No SC041787)  by the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator.

The Trust exists to:

Provide care for persons in Albania, irrespective of race, sex or religion suffering from muscular dystrophy or other degenerative conditions and to provide guidance and assistance for families and carers.

Provide education and equipment necessary for independent living.

Encourage the formation and operation of volunteer groups and support organizations in Albania to help disabled people.

Increase public awareness in Albania of the needs and human rights of those affected by such medical conditions.

I love their work and will be happy to support them as much as possible.