Hi! Welcome to Mother’s Joy blog.

If you’re reading these words, you want to know my story. My name is Joanna Abraham, polish friends call me Asia. I am Montessori passionate, multilingual, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker etc., etc.

I was raised in the harmonious family in the beautiful capital of Poland. Then I moved to Italy to finish the IULM University in Milan. There I lived for 12 years, I met my future husband Giorgio and we welcomed our two children – David and Victoria.

Having children inspired me to understand more about them and their world. I discovered a Montessori philosophy and I started my training to become a Montessori parent and teacher myself. Finding Montessori helped me so much with my role of mother, as we all know that, it’s the most difficult job on the world. What resonates most with me about the Montessori approach is “Help me do it myself”. What more of a gift can I give my children than helping them achieve their own goals, and also feel confident in achieving them? I see Montessori as a way to discover their own strengths and talents and find their place in life.

My family is multilingual. At home we speak Italian, Polish, Albanian and English. It’s been a natural choice of our multi-culture family to respect our mother tongues and the language of the place we live and work. This multilingual aspect is again perfectly connecting to my devotion to the Montessori philosophy, as Doctor Maria said: ­ “In the first three years of his/her life, a child is a genius in learning languages”. Maria Montessori was a pioneer in this area, and clearly stated that only by making use of the natural development of children—the sensitive periods—is it possible to educate them up to the level of their human potential. This potential is enormous in  regards to the learning of languages. For me the cultural heritage is an important aspect of rising kids that in consequence we’re living many cultures, habits, rituals – everything under one roof!

Currently I live in a beautiful place surrounded by greenery in Tirana, where my family and I can create an oasis for ourselves. It is a quieter life, a simpler one for which I am very grateful.

I have discovered over the years that it is easy for most of us to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our lives and to forget the joy and simplicity of living our lives. One of my goals in recent years has been to find a way to create them for me, my children, friends and family.

Why I create A Mother’s Joy blog?

This blog was born from the idea of sharing my life as a Montessori parent based on my personal experience with my children, related to theories from literature I studied, like :

  • The Psychology of the child
  • The Montessori Pedagogy
  • The Child Development researches

Finding Montessori has helped me so much and I like helping parents to present these ideas in their homes, helping them regain calm and joy with their children.

This blog will talk about a careful approach to parenting.

A Mother’s Joy will represent my thoughts, interests and hobbies. I hope my ideas will speak to you and inspire you in the way that countless others have done for me.

Feel like we can collaborate?